labor day unplugged

For my Labor Day holiday, I took off an extra day of work and headed north to my families’ lake house in northern Indiana. The lake house has spotty cell service and no wifi so it is my favorite place to unplug and relax. Spending the weekend with my family on the water is just good for the soul.  Despite the weather’s ups and downpours, we had a spectacular weekend with lots of laughs and good family fun.

I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of our food, but my family knows how to cook and we ate well all weekend. Undoubtedly, we are carnivores and my cousin Chad’s homemade smoker got lots of use.  On Saturday, we put a prime rib on to smoke.  After 4 or so hours, there was a really lovely smoke ring and was cooked beautifully. As a rare beef fan, I immediately jumped for the rarest part of the meat, and I was not disappointed.

On Sunday, Chad showed off his skills with a smoked pulled pork shoulder that could rival any of my favorite BBQ joints.  I keep trying to convince Chad to come on down for the Memphis In May BBQ Championships.  The only missing link is the sauce, and we’d have a winner.  Or at least better than 3rd to last.

If I had pictures you’d just be mad at me in jealousy, so be glad that I unplugged for four days of family fun and put my phone away.  :)

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