new york style pies at aldo’s

Aldo's Pizza Pies: Memphis, Tenn.
photo credit: Sean Davis

Sometimes Memphis surprises me.  I don’t know how it still happens, but last night the city showed me why I love this place.

The last few weeks have been unseasonably cool and lower in humidity, and Memphians know that we must take advantage.  So last night, I joined my friend Sean for dinner at Aldo’s Pizza Pies on Main Street.  Sean secured at table on the patio out front overlooking the Main Street Mall and the city’s Trolley Line.

Maybe it was the scenery. It could have easily been the company. It was probably the pizza, but I sat there feeling like I was in a different city. Maybe not exactly Manhattan, but maybe the parts of Manhattan that I love.  The constant stream of people walking down the street.  The high-rise buildings. The smell of pizza quickly cooking in their wood fired ovens.

When it comes to atmosphere, Aldo’s knocks it out of the park.  It’s bright, airy and welcoming.  The patio is pretty big, but with the trees overhead, it feels a little cozy.  The bar inside is huge with lots of beers on draft, and the pizza oven is open to watch the warm gooey magic.

Aldo's Pizza Pies: Vodka Pizza
photo credit: Sean Davis

On suggestion from our friend Edward, Sean and I tried the Vodka pie.  For only $12 – it’s a steal.  There was good flavor from the vodka sauce and the mozzarella cheese was fresh and yummy.  But the let’s talk crust.  The key to New York style pizza is that thin, yet chewy crust.  And the folks at Aldo’s know what they’re doing.  While, we agreed that we preferred Hog & Hominy’s pizzas, Aldo’s is still a great option for a casual night out downtown.

Aldo’s is a great addition to the family of restaurants that includes Slider Inn and Bardog by Aldo Dean.  Can’t wait to come back and try more.

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