hunka hunka chocolatey banana

banana bites

It’s Elvis Week here in Memphis, and people from all over the world pilgrimage to Memphis to celebrate the life of Elvis Presley. We take so much pride in our musical heritage, so restaurants and business across the city pay homage to this musical great in many ways.

Everyone knows that Elvis’s favorite sandwich is a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, so Dinstuhl’s Candies takes inspiration from that dish to create their Banana Bites.  I was unaware of these delectable delights until this week when my friend (a Dinstuhl son) posted that they were his favorite and only available this week.  Today, I decided that I couldn’t let the week go by without trying a box.

I now understand why Mark so enjoys these little treats.  They take a banana slice top it with a vanilla wafer and cover it with chocolate. Eaten straight from the freezer or fridge, I can’t imagine a better treat.

Thanks for the pro-tip, Mark!

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