look, ma! i’m in the news

Last week, I entered several recent photos in the Commercial Appeal’s Food Photo Rodeo at the urging of my coworker and mentor Sara. The great grand prize is just a $100 gift card, but I figured that it was worth the 30 minutes, since I already have the pics, right?

Well this morning low and behold – The CA’s food writer Jennifer Biggs wrote a contest update (to clarify the contest isn’t over yet.) and calls out the heirloom tomato crostada photo I submitted, along with a few other folks. No matter why and how – it is always a funny feeling to see your name in print.

Here’s what I submitted – which photo do you like the best?

heirloom tomato crostataroast chicken with lemon, rosemary and garlicsunday pancakes stackchicken with creamy shallot and caper saucepork carnitas tacos

pan catalanNo Bake Peanut Butter Bars

3 thoughts on “look, ma! i’m in the news

  1. Congrats! Maybe I’m biased since you already mentioned which photo won the prize, but I do think the tomato crostata photo is the best, followed by the tacos! : )

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