adventures in kitchen organization – friendly suggestions

Several weeks ago, I blogged about my battle with my pantry.  So for inspiration, a couple of my friends sent me some of their organization tips.  Thanks, Cathy and Katie for sharing!  While I am still thinking and contemplating, they gave me some great ideas.

First up, Katie.  Katie and I lived together for nearly 5 years until she got her own place in May, and she blogs about pretty things on Every Day Pretty. When she moved into her new duplex, she had to come up with a clever and stylish way to utilize her new open shelving.

From our local Target store she chose to store her flour, sugar, snacks, and cereal in three sized containers in the same style.  I love the glass and metal canisters, and of course she sprinkles in dashes of color using dishes and cups.  Katie devoted a whole post to her design concept, so get on over there and read it.

Next Cathy.  Cathy and I met several years ago through my sister, and last year, we spent two weeks in Spain together.  She’s my culinary kindred spirit, and she sent me her Wisconsin pot rack.  She calls it her $20 and a kiss pot rack, and I love it.

Tucked behind her pantry door, her fiancé rigged up a great pot rack that is perfectly Julia Child.  She just needs to outline those pot, like Julia.  Each pot hangs by a hook.

And it’s a great example of going vertical in your kitchen.  This would be fantastic in a small kitchen on the wall.  Not only do you save cabinet space, but also showcase a beautiful set of cookware – especially when you have a set like Cathy’s.

If you don’t like to have your pans out in the open, I love how Cathy’s is hiding in her pantry.  Out of site but perfectly organized.

Cathy also sent me her spice rack.  She purchased the rack from IKEA and the bottles from Crate and Barrel.

While I don’t have that much wall space, I do love how each spice is visible, so you can see exactly how much you have and know when to get replacements. I also love the look of having the same canister. It looks so clean and simple.  Cathy said she picked up the canisters for only $15 for 12 bottles.  Sounds like a deal to me!

Thank you, Cathy and Katie for sending me your ideas!!

After my shopping trip today, I do feel much closer.  I have several ideas that I will post soon.

Until then, Happy organizing!

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