pit stop munchies


Why hello from the Megabus! This quick post comes to you from somewhere outside of Bloomington, Ill. I’m headed north on I-55 to meet my college roommate and teenage BF for a weekend of silliness.

While I value hours of driving alone in my car perfecting my American Idol or the Voice audition, I thought that I would experiment with hours on a bus with lots of people and my iPad loaded with movies. Not going to lie – this isn’t a bad way to travel. Sure the seats are tight, but I chose a seat up top so I could get views like this one in St. Louis.

As I prepared for this 10 hour trip, I decided to hit up the bulk snack aisle at Whole Foods for snacks. I didn’t want to be stuck with truck stop foods or their prices, so packing my own seemed like the best option.

Here’s what I got:

  • 2 bottles of water to keep hydrated
  • unsweetened banana chips
  • garlic sesame sticks – I love these in trail mixes, so I grabbed them solo
  • chocolate covered raisins

I had figured that when we stopped in St. Louis to pick up new passengers, we originals would have a chance to grab a sandwich for lunch, but alas that wasn’t the case. You have no idea how thankful I was that I thought ahead.

Tonight for dinner, Julianne and I are meeting some of my dear Chicagoland friends for deep dish pie. After feasting on snacks all day, a big ole slice of Chicago’s finest sounds perfect. I’ll post as I can this weekend – but until next time, here’s some Missouri countryside.


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