grocery store finds: donut peaches

donut peach

What, the what?  After a quick chat with my friend Molly in the produce aisle of my lovely Midtown Kroger, she turns to finish her shopping and grabs my arm laughing, “What on earth are those?!?!”  Giggling, we both stare at these little flat peaches in confusion.  Neither of us had ever seen anything like it before.

Immediately, I grabbed two, and said, “Well, let’s find out.”

Well, these are donut peaches.  Also known as peento peach, Chinese flat peach, saucer peach, UFO peach and Saturn peach, these little white peaches have apparently been popular since the 90s – guess little ole Savannah missed that trend.

There is a small pit in the center, just like a regular peach, and it tastes sweeter and less “peachy” than a peach.  According to Harvest to Table, they are supposedly much juicier than regular peaches so much that you could just push the pit through the skin to create a ring.  I must not have let mine ripen enough, because that was not the case for me.

All in all – these little gems are little peaches.  They would be perfect for kids – great eating with your hands.  While adorable, there was no surprising taste that would make me buy them again over regular peaches.

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