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Outdoor Grilling

The 4th of July is coming up and if you are like me – summer holidays, mean grill time.  Growing up, as soon as temperatures started to rise, the grill started firing.  I think that my parents grilled most days of the week during the summer.

Until recently, I had never owned my own grill.  I always lived in big apartment complexes that wouldn’t allow grills on our patios.  Now that I live in a duplex, I ran out and purchased my first grill last summer.

I stood in front of a long aisle of grills – gas, charcoal, smokers – dumbfounded.  I had no idea where to begin or what I needed.  I know that I’m not an avid griller – and probably won’t be – but I knew I needed a solid grill.

If you are like me and the grill line leaves you perplexed here are some tips that I found from Lowe’s. Full disclosure: I just found this resource and this is by no means an endorsement Lowe’s.

  1. Pay attention to the weight of the grill.  Heavier grills are an indication of durability and quality.
  2. Decide if you want a charcoal or gas grill.  There are advantages and disadvantages for both.
    Charcoal: Avid grillers swear by charcoal – more intense “smokey” flavor, but it takes longer for the coals to heat up – like 15-30 minutes.
    Gas: Gas grills are cheaper, per use than charcoal.  It also takes less time to preheat, so you’re cooking more quickly.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself from Lowe’s:

  1. What will you be cooking – just the entrees or an entire meal?
  2. Who are you cooking for?  A crowd or just you?  Make sure that your grill is big enough.
  3. What are you cooking? Just steaks or chicken? A small grill do. But briskets and ribs will require more space.
  4. Are you a daily griller or once in a while? Remember preheat time – if you want to grill quickly, a gas grill might be a better option.
  5. Where are you going to put your new grill?  Make sure to measure first, and find a place that is safe.

No matter the grill you choose, you’re guaranteed to make yourself a delicious meal with the perfect grill for you.


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