the perfect pizza pie

Meet the Trolley Stop Market pizza. By far, it is my favorite pizza. It’s as close to New York-Style as I’ve tasted in Memphis. In the pizza battle of Chicago vs New York, I choose New York. I love the thin yet chewy crust, the simplicity, the perfect fold over bite. And until Trolley Stop, Memphis was devoid of this perfect pie.

Trolley Stop Market a few years ago just down the street from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in the Memphis Medical Center with a menu that is perfect for health care workers and students. Owners Keith and Jill Forrester also own Whitton Farms and work with other local farms to have the freshest foods on the menu. Trolly Stop Market also has a small market with fresh fruits and veggies, great meats, fresh milk and gifts made by local artisans. Come for the pizza and leave with a Mother’s Day gift. :)

I digress – this post is all about the Jillbilly pizza pies. Thankfully – the Trolley Stop Market delivers in Downtown and Midtown Memphis, so no need to go with those national chains for my pizza cravings. I can get a hot and fresh pizza delivered to my home, so that I can enjoy it while cheering on my hometown NBA team – the Memphis Grizzlies. (As I post, the Grizz are about to start game 6. so whoo hoo, go grizz!!)

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