meet oro bailen

Oro Bailen Olive Oil from Spain
My favorite olive oil that I discovered in Spain. So excited I can buy it stateside.

Meet Oro Bailen. This is my favorite olive oil.  It is fruity and delicious.

According to Olive and Gourmet (where I order online), it is:

Complex, Intense Green Fruity with aromas of tomato vine – characteristic of the picual olive – apple, green grass, green banana and green almond with a very well balance taste: sweet at the beginning with a green, fresh, peppery taste in its final phase.

I discovered Oro Bailen in a small olive oil shop in Seville, Spain.  My sister and two friends traveled across southern Spain for two weeks last April, and during our stop in Seville, we happened across this olive oil shop on our way to Spain’s oldest bull ring.

When Cathy and I realized that we were going to go home without Spanish olive oil, we stopped in the shop to take a look around.  Inside, we met the sweetest older couple who own the shop.  She is a master taster and judges olive oil competitions around the world, and personally selects each oil in the shop.

Despite our language differences, we were able to discover the best olive oils in Spain. We tasted each brand she had with just small pieces of bread to really taste the oils’ flavors. I think that was really the first time I thought about the varying differences in oils just like wines.

I brought home two types, but Oro Bailen is my favorite.  Now that I know I can purchase it in the US, I use it every day, and it especially shines in vinaigrettes where the flavors can really stand out with fresh herbs.  Since coming home, I’ve had to order the oil twice, and it sits proudly beside my stove with all of my other essential cooking products – salt, pepper and vinegars.

When I really want to be transported back to Seville, I just grab a loaf of crusty bread, some tomatoes, and Oro bailen.  That is the best of Spain.

2 thoughts on “meet oro bailen

  1. Oh man…you are going to hate me when I tell you that I have not even opened my bottles of olive oil from Spain. I don’t know why! They are awseome but I just don’t want to waste them but now I know that I can get them here…I may just crack open a bottle.

    1. go and be transported, crazy woman!!! I can’t find one of the brands stateside, but we can definitely get this one. Mom gave me a new bottle for Christmas. :)

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