it’s a challenge!

Ever have one of those days when ya just need something sweet?  Don’t want to put in too much effort, but just something. Well that is where I found myself today. So I opened up my trusty “In the Kitchen” board on Pinterest and started browsing.  I knew that I had pinned a few easy deserts so this should be simple. That’s when it hit me.  I’m making this a Pinterest Challenge!  Now, I had given myself a Pinterest hairdo challenge a few weeks back, and it ended miserably.  Pro-Tip: Hair that looks like Bjork when you go to sleep … Continue reading it’s a challenge!

chicken with creamy shallot and caper sauce

Before I go out tonight to cheer on my Memphis Grizzlies in their NBA Playoffs opener (GO GRIZZ, GO!), I decided make dinner with the chicken thighs thawing in my fridge. Let’s talk chicken thighs.  Yes, I thawed chicken thighs – not breasts.  I am a huge fan of the chicken’s lesser utilized cut.  I love dark meat and here’s why: Cheaper A little more fat = a lot more flavor Smaller portion size (the right size for protein, IMHO) Juicier All of these reasons add up to better in my book.  When presented with white or dark meat on … Continue reading chicken with creamy shallot and caper sauce

oh the joys of a beautiful dutch oven

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest   Last summer, I gave myself a very nice little gift – a Le Creuset oval dutch oven.  Again, I found myself at my favorite Williams Sonoma Outlet (have I mentioned how awesome that store is) and got myself an awesome deal on this piece of cookery. I am a huge fan of one-pot dishes that start on the stove top and finish with an afternoon of braising in the oven.  These dishes make a house feel like a home on a cold Sunday afternoon in the middle of winter.  It’s the reason they … Continue reading oh the joys of a beautiful dutch oven

meet oro bailen

Meet Oro Bailen. This is my favorite olive oil.  It is fruity and delicious. According to Olive and Gourmet (where I order online), it is: Complex, Intense Green Fruity with aromas of tomato vine – characteristic of the picual olive – apple, green grass, green banana and green almond with a very well balance taste: sweet at the beginning with a green, fresh, peppery taste in its final phase. I discovered Oro Bailen in a small olive oil shop in Seville, Spain.  My sister and two friends traveled across southern Spain for two weeks last April, and during our stop … Continue reading meet oro bailen

soft-boiled duck eggs for breakfast

I picked up some duck eggs from the farmers market last week upon recommendation from my friend Julie. Before I got cooking – I did some egg research to learn a little bit more about these pretty eggs. Duck eggs are larger, and their shells are harder Chicken eggs have 70 calories each compared to 130 calories for the duck.  However, reference point #1 – they’re bigger, so you probably don’t need to eat more than one. Duck egg whites have more albumen protein.  This is why I was hesitant to just substitute 1 to 1 in baking recipes.  But … Continue reading soft-boiled duck eggs for breakfast

recipe art

Continuing today’s apparent theme – Food as Art.  I love this idea!  I will need to start replacing art in my kitchen, when my most amazing roommate moves out in a couple of weeks.  While I’m excited that she’s moving on to chart a new path of living alone, I’m going to have to replace some of the fabulous art that she has sprinkled throughout our house – including our kitchen. Erin hand draws the recipes and she has lots of them to choose from in her Etsy Shop – Articipe.  She will even do custom recipes, if you have … Continue reading recipe art

cupcake art?

What happens when you take 10,000 cupcakes of varying colors, a shopping mall and Japanese television? Isn’t that amazing?  It’s Friday, and you need to kick off your weekend with some of the world’s most delicious art. Read all about how this stunning cupcake masterpiece that’s worth nearly £20,000 – that’s $32,396 stateside. Gulp.  Delicious and beautiful. Go to Fine Dining Lovers. Continue reading cupcake art?