a return to home base

About 4 years ago, I spent nearly every Tuesday and weekend night at the P&H on Madison Avenue.  Those days were spent playing darts, listening my friend Sean spinning tunes on the jukebox, losing at pub trivia, drinking pitchers of PBR and eating these burgers. Last night, my friends and I ventured back to home base for a night of karaoke.  Without even asking, my friend Erik ordered his wife Amina and I these burgers.  Some things need no decision – you just have to have one. If you drive down Madison, don’t be fooled by its less than shiny … Continue reading a return to home base

it’s a challenge!

Ever have one of those days when ya just need something sweet?  Don’t want to put in too much effort, but just something. Well that is where I found myself today. So I opened up my trusty “In the Kitchen” board on Pinterest and started browsing.  I knew that I had pinned a few easy deserts so this should be simple. That’s when it hit me.  I’m making this a Pinterest Challenge!  Now, I had given myself a Pinterest hairdo challenge a few weeks back, and it ended miserably.  Pro-Tip: Hair that looks like Bjork when you go to sleep … Continue reading it’s a challenge!