turtles and mexican food

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

I feel like this week is pork week.  First the pork tenderloin, then yesterday’s green beans, now today’s carnitas tacos from Las Tortugas (turtles) Deli Mexicana.

But these tacos were too good not to mention.  Yes, I am keenly aware that I have been totally late to the game on making my way out to Deli Mexicana. For years, I have gotten states of shock and horror when I mention how much I love Mexican food and that I have never been out there.  Well ladies and gents, I have heard your suggestions and finally had a reason to be in Germantown on a Saturday night.

My friends and I were going to scare ourselves silly at the haunted corn maze at the Agricenter, and it was a perfect night to stop in for tacos first.  As soon as I saw carnitas on the menu, I was sold.  Y’all know how much I love slow-cooked pork carnitas and anytime I can get authentic carnitas I jump at the chance. These were tender and perfect – not too spicy and exactly what I expected.

I cannot wait to come back and try more.  Since I have to be in Germantown every week for allergy shots, I might just have to time it perfectly with the opening of Las Tortugas. :)

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