and dim sum

Dim Sum Sunday

When my sister was in town a couple of weeks ago, we ended the weekend with a Mauck family first – Dim Sum.  Before Becky headed home, we decided to forgo the typical Sunday brunch and we headed east to the Golden Coast on Germantown Parkway.  Not quite the Far East, but out of the loop is pretty far to me. :)

After a couple of online recommendations – including a review from Kerry at – so we figured this would be a good place to try something new.  Golden Coast is nestled into an unassuming shopping center on Germantown Parkway.  When we first walked in, we felt like we were walking into another country.  The entire place was filled with Asian families enjoying lunch, so we figured that we were at the right place.

Unsure of what to order, we just ordered everything.  I will be the first to admit – Asian flavors are very unfamiliar for me.  So I definitely jumped out of my comfort zone and just tried what was in front of me.  We had several steamed items but my favorite were the steamed buns with pork.  It has been a couple of weeks and I accidentally threw away my menu, so I can’t explain everything I had.  But I can tell you it was a fantastic experience.  We just went for it and ordered what we wanted and tried everything.  For about $60 bucks total we left stuffed.

I definitely will be back to try more items and expand my palate.  Dim sum was a great way to try lots of dishes, and at $3-6 a tin you don’t feet to badly about not liking a flavor.  The five of us left more than stuffed and our total bill was less than $75.  Not bad for a Sunday lunch.

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