the young and the deli

Sam I Am from the Young Ave Deli

My sister-in-law’s brother Rhys moved to town recently, and the best part of having him here is showing off my favorite places. So after I drug him to a recent Indie Memphis Film Fest Volunteer Meeting, we headed to the Young Ave Deli for dinner.

You can always count on good food at the Deli, but I am a sucker for the Sam I Am – turkey, bacon, bbq sauce and smoked gouda in a steamed pita. Oh my, it is my favorite – and that is saying something considering the size of their menu.

Rhys tried the Yankee Club for his first time at the deli – pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut, spicy mustard, provolone, TRIPLE DECKER.  He called it a perfect “Man Sandwich.”  It looked amazing and all he could do was rave.  I consider that a pretty darn good introduction. :)

From salads to quesadillas to sammies to fried pickles, Young Ave Deli has something on the menu for everyone, and their beer selection is awesome. They have lots of beers on tap and many more in bottles.

There is just one way to describe the Young Ave Deli – Solid.  You’ll have solid food, good service and a good time – For Cheap.

If you’re looking for a low key restaurant in Cooper Young – Hit up the Deli.

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