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antique silver tea set

This summer, I finally got to bring the last of my grandmother’s heirlooms home.  My mom found these two awesome china cabinets, and now I finally have a place to put the last of my grandmother’s gifts.  Just like when she gave me her Kitchen Aid mixer, she also gave me some other more delicate pieces.

I am so excited to bring them home, take them out of boxes and display them properly.

Now, I’m not too traditional in style, but I can’t help but love an antique silver tea set.  I haven’t had a chance to clean all of the tarnish and bring it back to its shiny glory, but isn’t that set stunning?  I love the claw feet and the ornate details.

While my sister and other cousins claimed our grandmother’s china, my eyes immediately drifted towards this set of etched yellow crystal.  While a tall glass is missing, this is almost a perfect set of etched yellow crystal with a flower pattern.  I have four tea cups and saucers, four small plates, three tall glasses and a serving plate, ready for my next service of high tea.

I love the flower details and how original this set is. My next girls lunch will be served perfectly on these dishes.

I also got several other items that I love and will cherish for the rest of my life.  And I am so thankful that my grandmother was alive to tell us about each and every piece she gave us.  We would have never known that a pitcher she gave to my cousin Sara belonged to our great-great grandmother or that the set of champagne glasses I received were from my aunt Sharon’s sweet 16 celebration.

What is your favorite antique kitchen item – china or silver or serving ware?  What is its story?