feeling like some fino’s

South Philly Sandwich from Fino's on the Hill

On Wednesday, I waltzed into my office to a wall of hot air.  The air conditioning in my building was not working on the very hot 100+ degree day.  This meant that sitting at or near my desk for lunch was completely out of the question.  Luckily, my Fino’s partner in crime Jennifer was in the office that day, and I easily talked her into lunch out for some sandwiches.

Let’s talk Fino’s.  Fino’s from the Hill is a midtown institution.  This small restaurant is at the corner of Madison and McLean, and they serve up some of the best Italian inspired sandwiches in town – for cheap. I always get a half South Philly that is loaded up with ham, coppa, provalone, lettuce and the amazing tomato and onion marinade.  I don’t know how people eat whole sandwiches there, when a half is at least 7 inches and stuffed with deliciousness.

In addition to serving up fantastic sandwiches, pizzas and homemade pastas, Fino’s is also a small Italian grocery.  They’ve cut back on the grocery side of things in recent years, but you can still find important Italian pantry staples – like San Marzano tomatoes, tomato and anchovy paste and frozen and dried pastas.  You can also order their Italian meats from the counter.

Those who love Fino’s – LOVE Fino’s.  And I don’t think that you can be a true Memphian without a plastic Fino’s cup on your shelf.

Do you LOVE Fino’s?  What’s your favorite?

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