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For weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to organize my kitchen.  I have several problem areas, and I know that a little organization would go a long way.  Part of that organization requires stuff – shelving, canisters, jars, etc.  And that friends – can get expensive.  So I am going to try to tackle each area little by little until everything has it’s place. If you have any tips or tricks, send them my way – I’ll all ears.

1. Spices

Everyone I think has this problem.  You have a cabinet filled to the brim with spice bottles.  They’re all the same size and shape, and you spend 20 minutes every night trying to find which one you need.  I’ve looked at several options but I’m leaning towards one of these two.

Both options are from the Container Store.  I like how in both options you can see the spices clearly.  I like how the first option keeps everything orderly – same size and shape.  While I would have to clear out a drawer some where, I like how the second option wouldn’t require me removing spices from their original packaging.  Oh decisions.

2. Baking Ingredient Storage

In the cabinets right above my microwave above the stove, is where I keep my baking ingredients – flours, sugars, powders, etc.  It IS A MESS.  Like rediculous mess.  Everything is shoved up there, and I pray it doesn’t all come crashing down on me when I open it up.  I have my sugar in one of the Domino sugar canisters, but the rest is in various bags and very haphazardly put away.

I want to get some storage containers to put all of these items in.  There hare a few requirements.  Since the cabinet is over my head, they need to be light – no ceramic or glass.  Since I broke 3 (yes that’s right – THREE) glasses this week, I need plastic storage for this one.  I also want these containers to be stackable.  I like it when things build up. They also have to have wide enough openings for my hand plus a measuring cup.  All of the options so far are so expensive! So the search is still going for options for that.

3. My pantry

I am blessed with this wonderfully large pantry.  However it is so deep and wide, that it makes for some very unusable space.  Things easily get forgotten in the depths of the pantry.

I’m thinking that a lazy susan or two could help.

Like this one from Crate and Barrel.

And maybe some containers for rice, pasta and lentils. I like how these from the Container Store have the attached lid – so I don’t lose anything.

But regular old Ball jars could also do the trick.

What are your kitchen problem areas?  Do you have an organization trick or tip for me? Shoot me an email with a photo, and I’ll post your ideas when I’m done.