drinking the kool-aid

Happy Birthday, Le Bonheur!
Happy 60th Birthday, Le Bonheur!
photo credit: Hillary Adams

Ok This post isn’t about that wonderful childhood drink, but just a quick post to wish one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals a Happy 60th Birthday!

Today, Le Bonheur celebrated with a company picnic for its employees and their families.  And every company picnic needs a cake walk, right?  And I got to run the cake walk – go figure, right?

I’ve worked for this amazing place for 10 years, and I wouldn’t trade a single day of walking those halls, meeting our families, and being “family” with those who work there.  Taking care of kids in their greatest time of need is the most humbling of jobs, and it is my greatest joy to tell the Le Bonheur stories.

Here’s some more photos of today’s celebration.  If you’re not already a fan of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, visit its Facebook Page and read the stories posted by families today. Truly inspirational.


Stilts Walking Reggie and his Sidekick
Meet Stilts-Walking Reggie and His Sidekick. Reggie works in our Facilities department and learned to walk in stilts for his job. He also breaks them out from time to time with his sidekick for Le Bonheur events.
photo credit: Sara Burnett
Dunk Tank
Look at the line for that dunk tank. All afternoon, Le Bonheur employees volunteered to be dunked.
Le Bonheur Rocks!
The sidewalk was covered in works of art.

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