roast that garlic

Simple Roasted Garlic

Doesn’t everything sound fancier when you add something as simple as roasted garlic? This super-duper simple technique will make people think that you’ve got this magic cooking elf that turns every meal into amazingness.

Ok – that might be a little dramatic, but knowing how to roast a head of garlic will add some fanciness to an otherwise drab meal.  Something about it says “restaurant-style.”

Let us begin – first – go to your oven and preheat it to 425 degrees.  Whew – hard.

Second, Cut off some aluminum foil from the roll.  Ok – Are you still with me?

Third, gently rub the head of garlic to remove some of the outer paper – but not all of it, just enough so that you don’t have stray pieces.

Fourth, cut off the tip of the garlic, like 1/2 inch.  Put it in the middle of the aluminum foil.

Drizzle with olive oil, or in my case, smother with olive oil, then fold up the aluminum foil.

Place in your oven.

Wait 30 minutes.

VIOLA!  You just roasted yourself some garlic.  Told ya you could do it.  In 6 – way too easy for its own good – steps, you’ve created some of the sweetest, creamy and delicious garlic.  Simply spread it on some bread.  Or add it to a sauce.

You can keep roasted garlic in the fridge for recipes, by squeezing it from the paper cloves into a dish and covering with a little olive oil.  And use that olive oil in dishes – talk about the best infused olive oil you can get.

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