an elegant cinco de mayo

The Elegant Farmer: Tostada
Happy Cinco De Mayo!

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Mexican restaurants across the nation are packed to the gills with eager patrons sipping margaritas and mistakenly thinking that they’re celebrating Mexican Independence (The real Mexican Independence Day is in Sept. You’re welcome.) over tacos.  Instead of going to a Mexican restaurant, however, I met some friends at the Elegant Farmer on Highland.

The Elegant Farmer has been on my ever-growing list of Memphis restaurants to try since it opened a little over a year ago.  And folks, it was absolutely worth the wait.

From the moment I walked through the door and was greeted by chef/owner Mac Edwards, I knew service would be top-notch.  Since my party was already seated outside, Mac greeted me by name and directed me towards my friends on the patio. Our server was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the perfect lunch dish.

By its very name, the Elegant Farmer is committed to local and sustainable produce and farming, and it’s menu is fresh and inviting.  Looking at the very long list of suppliers on their website, you know that everything on your plate is going to be fresh, seasonal and delicious.

For lunch today, I decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and order the Chicken Tostada.  This beautiful plate of greens included perfectly tender chicken, black bean relish, queso fresco, a chili-lime sour cream, fresh cilantro and creamy avacado – all served on a freshly-fried local corn tortilla.

Isn’t there something wonderful about starting a dish with a big crunch?  Like cracking through a creme brulee, or a fried chicken’s first crunchy bite?  Well, that is what the corn tortilla did in this otherwise very light dish.  Though mild in flavor, it was perfectly balanced – salt, acid, spice.  With a delicious crunch in every bite from the tortilla. Definitely a much better alternative to a greasy taco for Cinco De Mayo.

Around my table, we tried the special – a blackened cobia fish sandwich, the salmon “burger,” the Highland “One Story” club, and the pan seared Mississippi catfish.  Check out their lunch menu, and figure out what you would have.  It’s hard to decide, I know!!

But best of all, the Elegant Farmer provided a wonderful backdrop to catch up with my dear friends from Knoxville Eric and Deanna.  They’re in town with some friends for Beale Street Music Fest, and it was lovely to meet for a wonderful lunch and one of the world’s best hugs from Eric.

2 thoughts on “an elegant cinco de mayo

  1. Even though you waited a year, I’m sure you’ll be back often! Mac knows his stuff, Leslie knows those desserts. And I hate that I live 600 miles away.

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